Final Cut Pro X Templates

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Adjustment Layer


    1. Download the Adjustment Layer template here
    2. Open/Unzip the Adjustment file
    3. Drag the first Adjustment Layer folder into the Motion Templates Titles folder. The Motion Templates Titles folder is generally located inside the Movies folder, path pictured here.AdjustmentLayer
    4. That’s it! Open Final Cut Pro X and the Adjustment Layer should be available.


• This template was created with Motion 5.4 and is designed to work with Final Cut Pro X version 10.4 or later

• The Motion Templates, Effects, Generators, Titles and Transitions folders need to be localized. To verify they are, right-click (Control-Click) on those folders and select Get Info. In the Name & Extensions slot, if it’s not there, add .localized to the end of the name.


• Still not working? Send a detailed message to and include every step you have tried and what’s not working. If possible, please include a picture or video of the issue in your message.

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