Final Cut Pro X Templates

Adjustment Layer


    1. Download the Adjustment Layer template here
    2. Drag the @FinalCutProHelp folder into the Motion Templates Titles folder. The Motion Templates Titles folder is located inside the Movies folder, path pictured here:

      Macintosh HD-Users-Home Folder-Movies-Motion Templates-Titles-@FinalCutProHelp-Adjustment Layer-Adjustment Layer
      Adjustment Layer Path
    3. That’s it! Open Final Cut Pro X and the Adjustment Layer should be available.


• This template was created with Motion 5.4 and is designed to work with Final Cut Pro X version 10.4 or later

• The Motion Templates, Effects, Generators, Titles and Transitions folders need to be localized. To verify they are, right-click (Control-Click) on those folders and select Get Info. In the Name & Extensions slot, if it’s not there, add .localized to the end of the name.


• Still not working? Send an email to and include every step you have tried and what is not working. If possible, include a picture or video of the issue.

Create this template from scratch using Motion? Click here to download