The macOS High Sierra Upgrade is Around the Corner! Are You Prepared?

The eighth beta of macOS High Sierra was released to developers and public beta testers today. High Sierras is an upgrade for the mac operating system and comes with the version number 10.13. You can check to see what version is installed on your mac by clicking the Apple menu at the top left corner of your Mac. Then choose About This Mac. It’s always recommended that you prepare before upgrading your operating system. This is especially true for Pro App users.

Apple posted an article providing some details about the upgrade to macOS High Sierra for Pro App users. This article states that Final Cut Pro X version 10.3.4 or later is required for macOS High Sierra. If you have an older version of Final Cut Pro X (10), you will need to update to the latest version using the Mac App Store. Review the article for more details:

• About Apple Pro Apps and macOS High Sierra:

Upgrading to the latest OS is not the only type of update you should prepare for. Review the following articles to get tips to help make the update to the latest versions smooth. If there are issues, the second article details ways to resolve issues and get you updated.

• Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor 4: Installation best practices:

• Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor 4: Issues updating via the Mac App Store:

FCP X: Create A Blurred Background

More and more people are recording videos with their phones. This is creating a problem for editors who get the videos and discover they were recorded in portrait orientation. These videos are taller than they are wide. The problem is most editors are creating videos that will be played on a TV or computer screen which is landscape, not portrait. If the portrait videos are played back at their normal size, a black bar will be visible on either side of the video. This can cause viewers to be distracted and miss the content you want them to see.

This video demonstrates the steps needed to fill in the empty area around the portrait video. This technique is used commonly as a way to keep the video interesting and draw viewers attention to the center of the screen where the main content is.

Also, new websites and apps have become popular that only accept square videos. Creating a project with square dimensions is possible with Final Cut Pro X. After the square project is created, copy, and paste in the video. This will create a problem similar to the one seen with portrait video. We now have black areas on the top and bottom, but they can be covered with the same blur effect used in the first example.

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How to use an iPhone or iPad as a screen for your Mac

Duet app converting an iPad Pro into a second display for a MacBook Pro

Duet is an app for your iOS device and computer that allows your iPhone or iPad to be used as an extra display for your Mac or PC. After over a year of use, Duet has changed the way I approach mobile editing. With a MacBook and iPad, I have a great two display setup for editing with Final Cut Pro. With most setups that include a second display, additional outlets are needed. With Duet, there is no need for additional power. This setup can run entirely off battery power, making it an excellent portable solution.

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An Awesome Guide to Final Cut Pro 10.3 Released!

An Awesome Guide to Final Cut Pro 10.3 Cover Page

An Awesome Guide to Final Cut Pro 10.3 is now available!

You can purchase the guide from the following locations:

iBooks Store (Apple)

Kindle (Amazon)

Kobo (Rakuten)

Nook (Barnes and Noble)

Become part of the next generation of video editors by learning Final Cut Pro X. This advanced application offers tools designed for both power and speed. It can be frustrating learning a sophisticated tool such as Final Cut Pro and this guide is intended to help you get through it. Encouraging exploration and experimentation of the tool you are using because everyone edits differently. Updated during the summer of 2017, this version of the guide teaches you using the 10.3.4 release of Final Cut Pro X. The first chapter assists in getting Final Cut installed on your Mac. After that, you’ll get a crash course on how to import, edit and share video. After the overview, your skills will build as we dive into each area of Final Cut in greater detail. Designed by the worlds most valuable company, your time has come to learn how to use this professional video editing application with An Awesome Guide to Final Cut Pro 10.3.