March 30-April 5, 2019 Summary

This Week on Final Cut Pro Help

2019 Shortcut of the Year

It’s here! This week we find out which shortcut will be crowned the 2019 Shortcut of the Year! The #FinalCut4 are Command-B, Command-Z, B, and Space Bar. Follow @FinalCutProHelp on Instagram to cast votes or send an email to Follow the action and print out the bracket here. If you missed it, watch Final Cut Pro Help Live to see the Saver 16 shortcuts in action.


The 10.4.6 update to Final Cut Pro includes a feature to detect and convert legacy media. This media will not be compatible with future versions of macOS. Watch this video to see the feature in action.


Comment below, which is your favorite?


@RealYatta__ hangs onto the top spot as our biggest Twitter fan this week while @digiphotoman moves up to 2nd and @osaka_void to 3rd. Thank you! Share content, leave comments, and get engaged on Twitter to be featured as a Fan of the Week. #FinalCutProHelp @FinalCutProHelp


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