Apple Demos FCP 10.4 and Real World Case Study

Apple released the next major version of Final Cut Pro X, 10.4, just last month. This version included many additional features including more advanced color grading tools, the ability to edit 360 and HDR video, and other customizations allowing an editor to work the way they want to. This update was released alongside the most powerful Mac ever created, the iMac Pro. While they sound beneficial in press releases and peoples reviews, I found it difficult to see how my workflow would benefit from some of the new features.


Last night I was sold on the new features, at the monthly meeting of the Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group (LACPUG), Apple was on hand to provide a demo of the latest features and the iMac Pro. The presentation, hosted at the Gallery Theater at Barnsdall Art Park, included mostly live demos of the application and new functionalities. A high-end monitor was used to display accurate color when editing 4K and even 8K in real-time. This display was also used to show off the benefits of HDR and the extended range it provides.


After the presentation, during a break, attendees were able to get hands-on demos. Apple setup multiple stations for users to try out the new feature, including a VR setup with a 360 headset. This was extra helpful as, during the presentation, the demo of the 360 headset failed to work correctly. Once the break was over, it was time to watch some movies.

Apple reached out to multiple filmmakers and asked them to pitch ideas for a short film. From those pitches, three ideas were selected. The ideas came from three teams of filmmakers; We Make Movies, Hollywood High School, and The Mobile Film Classroom. Host Sam Mestman of LumaForge presented the three teams who introduced their shorts.


Each team was provided RED RAVEN Camera Kit, available exclusively through Apple, in addition to a MacBook Pro and iMac workstations for editing on Final Cut Pro X. Specifically, these teams were given early access to Final Cut Pro version 10.4 before it was released to the general public. They had just a few weeks, in one case a few days, to shoot, edit, and finalize their projects.

Before each film was presented, the three female directors and other members of the crew got up to introduce their projects. They specifically called attention to how the workflow of using the RED RAVEN and Final Cut Pro X benefited them. After hearing the teams discuss their process, I believe Apple chose the perfect mixture of ideas and skill levels for their teams to properly demonstrate how Final Cut Pro is the perfect tool for any skill level. Unfortunately, technical issues caused lag and in some cases interrupted playback. Even with those issues, the films were stunning. Apple has published an article detailing the process, and including a behind the scenes look which you can read here.

Watch the final projects:

La Buena Muerte

The Dancer

The Box

See additional photos on Twitter @lacpug

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