Final Cut Pro X: Fixing Problems

Many problems can arise when working with an advanced application like Final Cut Pro X.

Last week Sam Matterface, an ITV Sports commentator, tweeted “@FinalCutProHelp that Final Cut Pro is utterly useless.” After a few tweets, he mentioned the issue he was having involved the application closing on him every 5 minutes. This behavior will make any application utterly useless. It’s also not the way the application was designed to work. If you have a problem, don’t just live with it, fix it.

First, are you seeing the “Your startup disk is almost full.” message? A wide variety of issues including not being able to open an app to only being able to import certain clips into Final Cut can be caused by a lack of available space. Check your available free space and learn how to optimize your Mac with this article:

How to free up storage space on your Mac:

Second, this article from Apple, linked below, provides multiple troubleshooting steps to resolve issues in Final Cut Pro. If you have a problem, read the article and follow the steps from top to bottom. Do not skip any steps, even if you tried them previously. If you have additional questions, tweet @FinalCutProHelp or email

Resolve an issue in Final Cut Pro X:

UPDATE: Added video describing the steps to resolve issues with Final Cut Pro X

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